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Sports Betting at VulkanBet

Sports betting is a kind of gambling where you bet on sporting events. For example, if two boxers fight, you predict who is going to win. If your prediction is correct, you win the bet. Usually, you do this with your friends, and the odds are 1:1, meaning that if you wager €100, you win €100. 

Today, you no longer need to look for a friend to bet on sports. You can do this in physical kiosks. You can also do it online from the comfort of your home. At VulkanBet, we provide our players with hundreds of games to choose from, and we also offer different types of wagers. 

Sports betting has become a staple of the sports fans’ activity. Many countries allow sports betting, both online and offline. Sports betting is popular in the UK, Singapore, Italy, Canada, the US, New Zealand and other places in the world. At VulkanBet, we will show you how sports betting works. You will find our guide helpful, especially so if you are one of those who is transitioning from casino games to online sports betting. 

Sports Betting Options at VulkanBet

Sports betting covers all kinds of sport disciplines that you can imagine, with dozens to hundreds of betting markets each. Here are the games you can bet on from our bookmaker website:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Table Tennis
  • American Football
  • Snooker
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Darts
  • Beach Volley

This is not an exhaustive list. From time to time, we add new disciplines and leagues to the list, so we strongly encourage you to monitor the changes. 

How to Bet on Sports at VulkanBet

The way sports betting works online is similar to how you do it in kiosks. You look at the sports statistics and then make a choice. The most common form of betting is called the moneyline. In this kind of bet, you simply have to wager on the team or player who you think is going to win. 

To get started, just sign up with VulkanBet. We will send you an email verification. Once this is completed, you can now add your payment method and then make a deposit. 

From your lobby, look to the left, and you will see all the betting options we offer. If you want to move to live sports, take a look at the menu from the top and choose it. 

To bet, just click on any sports event, and you will see the odds. Click on the bet button to place your wager and wait for the match/event results. 

Perks of Betting Online Vs. Offline

Why should you bet at VulkanBet? There are several reasons why you should choose online betting over the traditional physical kiosk, and below are some of them:

  • Bonuses – at VulkanBet, we offer many types of bonuses for sports betting, the most common of which is the welcome bonus. Its cash value changes from time to time, so you have to check our site regularly. You can use your bonus money to bet and win real cash. You cannot do this while betting offline. But note that there are rules governing bonus money, and we strongly recommend that you read our terms and conditions specific to the bonus that you claimed. Bonuses are usually only allowed for use once you have depleted your deposited balance, and you can only withdraw the winnings from your bonus once you have met the conditions.
  • Accessibility – online sports betting sites like us offer convenience and accessibility. It does not matter if you are on a train or at work—you can place your bets on our site at any time. We have no closing hours. If you ever forgot to place your wager in a game, you can still catch-up—just launch our site and go to the live sports lobby. With kiosks, there is no way you can place a bet if you are late. There are also many occasions where the kiosks are already closed by the time you leave work. Online, this is not going to happen. You just have to log in, and then you can place your bets, even for future games.
  • Choices – we are consistently adding new disciplines and events to our menu. In many physical kiosks, they only serve specialty games. You are also not under pressure to make a bet—no one is standing in line behind you. The choices we offer on our website are not limited to Western and European games. There are no boundaries for the games that we put on our site. Be it Asian or African or American games – we have them all.
  • Support – many sports kiosks do not provide support; they wouldn’t even teach you how to bet. With us, we publish tips and tricks about sports betting regularly. You can also give our customer support team a call if you ever have any problem with placing a bet for withdrawing your wins.

As you can see, these are great reasons why you should choose us over traditional betting places. We are here to support our players all the way. 

Rules to Know About Our Sports Site

Here are some basic rules to go by when you bet at our site: 

  • Account – You can only open one account, and only if you do not belong to a restricted country. You cannot use VPN. If we find out, we have the right to close our account. We also need to verify your identity before we allow withdrawals. The verification is in compliance with existing anti-money laundering laws. 
  • Bonuses – Each player is allowed only one bonus at a time. We also allow only one bonus per IP address and per household. This rule is in place to ensure that nobody can game the bonus system in their favour. All bonuses have rules and conditions. You have to abide by these rules, or we will forfeit your bonuses and the winnings thereof. 
  • Deposits – You have to deposit real money into your account if you want to place real money bets. By depositing, you are affirming that your money is clean, that it is not tainted, and that it is yours. You also undertake the affirmation that you are a legitimate person and that you are of legal age. All payments made to your Vulkan Bet account are also presumed to be legit, and that you will not attempt to file a reversal with your bank.  

There are more rules that you can find from our Terms & Conditions page. The most important rule that you should remember is that you are a legitimate person who is of legal age to gamble. The next one is that you should never try to game our system or do anything to go around our rules and policies.  

Join VulkanBet Today!

Are you ready to place bets? Sports betting is a great way to add excitement to the games you like. If you bet on sports, you get to feel the excitement of the game in a more meaningful way. You also get rewarded if your chosen team wins. 

At VulkanBet, we offer hundreds of sports events, not just in the traditional sense. We have eSports for gamers, too. We are in constant lookout for new trends, and we add new games and leagues on our website regularly. Vulkan Bet offers you accessibility and convenience. Join us now and see the difference!